DC Electronics
Industrial Electronic Repairs

to the Printing, Packaging and Manufacturing Trades

We carry out on-site or bench repair work down to component level
of industrial electronic control equipment:

Your control pcbs need expert handling. We can test components
and ics in circuit without having to remove them from the PCB!!!

24 hour call out with fault finding on site

we also repair

DC motor drives
AC motor drives (inverters and soft starts)
Production line control and drive pcbs
Power supplies / UPS (switch mode and linear)
CNC / PLC boards
Sensor replacement / Site fault finding
Temperature controllers
Digital and Analogue boards
Computer Repairs
Embedded projects undertaken
Sourcing ICS

David Cawthorne:   email me
  24 hour phone number 07-801-801-829
50, Canal Bridge Enterprise Centre, Meadow Lane, Ellesmere Port. UK.
Since May 2016, I now work for RJW in Liverpool    (VAT registered)